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Parental Views

We have 3 children who attend Kingsfold primary, all in different year groups. We are so pleased we chose Kingsfold, the boys are happy, settled and enjoy attending school. We have seen huge progress with their learning and are happy with the support provided to help meet each of their needs.

Thank you to all the incredible staff, the boys have built positive relationships and we know they are happy and thriving whilst in your care.

Miss. N. Wright

Kingsfold Primary School is a lovely school with dedicated teachers, teaching assistants and staff that genuinely care for the children and try their best to make each child reach their full potential.
The staff listen to the parents and take on board suggestions and feedback to further improve the school.
I have a child with special needs that attends this school and he has blossomed so beautifully.  The staff deal with children with a lot of patience and use different approaches in teaching to engage children.  My son has made a lot of good progress due to the teachers different approaches and intervention programs.  The transformation in my son is nothing short of a miracle and I could not have chosen a better school.  Both my children's confidence and social skills have improved greatly.
Each child is cared for, listened and valued as an individual.  Every small or big achievement is celebrated making the child feel important.  My children are happy to come to school, enjoy learning and have made great progress.
All the teachers are enthusiastic, approachable and make the atmosphere very friendly.
I would particularly like to mention Mrs D. Ainscough who is a fantastic teaching assistant who goes above and beyond the call of duty.  
I would like to thank the school for the love and support they have given my children over the 3 years for teaching them and helping them grow in to phenomenal little people.
Mrs F Wadiwala
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We have three children all of whom have attended Kingsfold Primary School since Reception and have gone on to high school, with one child still in Year 5.  The teachers, teaching assistants and all other staff have supported our family ensuring that each child has developed/progressed throughout Primary School to their full potential, my two oldest have made the move to secondary school in a confident and successful way, thanks to the support they have had at Kingsfold.


We have found all of the staff to be approachable and take on board any feedback, concerns or suggestions we have brought to them.  All children are different, the school recognises this and develops the children at their own pace ensuring the best possible progress for each child.


Since we started at the school, the range of extra-curricular activities and links with the community have improved so that being part of the school makes you feel like you are part of the wider community.  


The first thing we noticed with the school was the friendly, inclusive and positive atmosphere of the school, this has not changed throughout the years and we would not hesitate to encourage any future parents to visit the school when looking for a primary school for their child.


Liz & John Singleton

We have had children at the school for the past ten years. We have seen the school go through numerous changes. We have seen some staff move on to new career paths but many have stayed. 
Ms Croskell has provided two of my children with the most fantastic start to education in the nursery. The children love her she makes their start to school so fun and happy with her energetic and lively classroom. Miss Ward gave our son the most fantastic year as his reception teacher, the encouragement he received from her helped him to become a skilled reader by the time he left foundation unit. 
The SEN team at school helped our daughter so much, they worked so hard implementing plans and ways to help her through the school that we will always be so thankful for. 
Mr Spencer and Mr Reid have supported each of our children so much through their time at the school we will never be able to thank them enough. They helped our eldest who struggled to read to gain the skills and start a love of books. They have both done so much to support our children with school work and any other problems they needed help with. It's been almost six years since our eldest left and still staff take the time to have a conversation with him when they see him at school collecting his brother.
Jade has been a fantastic addition to the school all of our children have enjoyed working with her and talking to her when needed. She has also been a great support to our family.
We could say so much about all the staff at the school as they all go above and beyond to help each child achieve so much.
During the covid-19 pandemic it has been lovely to see the staff interacting with the children. From the quick chat through a window if you need to collect things from school to the online support and help with work set. Mr Reid has made my son laugh with his comments on see saw and set him work that has grabbed his attention and made him eager to carry on learning.
This school has provided my children and ourselves with some fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. 
Toni Cox and Stephen McDermott