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Teaching staff received online safety training on the 12.10.2020 to ensure they are up to date with the most recent threats online.  Some of the training will be shared with parents to enable them to provide guidance and support when children are learning at home.

ONLINE Safety Policy

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ONLINE SAFETY in the curriculum

It is becoming increasingly important that our children are kept safe when they are online. Therefore we teach the children about e-safety every year through our digital leaders providing assemblies and support. The children are taught about e-safety as part of their computing topics too.  We also teach about e-safety when situations arise or when we feel it would benefit the children at that moment of time.

online safety parental newsletters

 Online Safety Newsletter July 2023 Kingsfold.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Newsletter Primary December 2022.pdfDownload
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Keeping children safe online

Watch this video to help you to guide your child through working online.

Internet safety with our youngest children in school -

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Online Safeguarding - Parents & Carers

The link below provides some useful tips for Parents and Carers when discussing the online environment with children. 


Online Safeguarding - Parents & Carers - Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board