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Pupil Premium Funding

We would like to make you aware of our Pupil Premium Programme and the opportunities this provides for pupils here at Kingsfold School.


Identification of Pupils

Ever 6 

The pupil premium for 2020 to 2021 includes pupils recorded in the January 2020 school census who are known to have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) in any of the previous 6 years.

Children adopted from care or who have left care

At Kingsfold Primary School our PP Funding will be allocated according to need and in the following Priority order, taking into account individual circumstances;

  • Looked After Children in receipt of FSM;
  • Looked After Children or adopted children;
  • Children of families currently in receipt of FSM;
  • Children of families who have previously been eligible for FSM (Ever 6);
  • Ever 6 Service child/ren.  

Monitoring of Funding

Funding is used to provide support and to fund intervention strategies, as necessary.  The Headteacher and the PPG Governor are responsible for the quality assurance of the interventions.  A copy of the Pupil Premium Grant and Pupil Premium audit will also be available on the school website.

The audit includes;

  1. The amount of Pupil Premium funding in the current year.
  2. Details of future spend.
  3. Details of how the previous year’s funding was spent.
  4. The impact on the educational attainment of pupils identified as Pupil Premium.

We have been fortunate to be able to offer additional support as a result of our current funding, but we are keen to do more. We know that there are many other areas we could develop and we are keen to enhance our pupil support and intervention provision for all pupils.


If you feel your son/daughter may be eligible for Free School Meals we would encourage you to apply. Even if your son/daughter does not subsequently take up the meals in school, we would receive valuable additional funding to develop our pupil support provision. If your son/daughter may meet one of the other criteria for Pupil Premium please contact me in school for a discreet discussion.


Please be assured that other pupils would not be made aware of your son/daughter’s eligibility and this information is shared confidentially within school.


If you have any further questions about Pupil Premium please do not hesitate to contact me at school. If you believe your son/daughter may be eligible please contact the school office to find out more.

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