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School Ethos

Here at Kingsfold, we endeavour to create a secure, caring environment where children can develop and thrive, where individuals feel valued, confident and a feeling of self-worth is fostered. In our school our children show care and respect for each other and the whole family feels supported and able to contribute to school life.

It is our aim to establish and maintain a happy school in a pleasant, well ordered environment, where the building and the surroundings are respected and valued, where laughter is heard and where the educational provision is of the highest possible quality, where expectations of pupils’ achievements are high and where excellence is linked to all aspects of the life and work of the school.



'Pride in all we do'

The Aims of Our School

We wish our school to be one where:

  • Imagination is at the heart of the education and teaching
  • Each child is helped and guided to reach his/her full potential
  • Each child is highly valued and given the help, time and resources they need
  • Staff and children are loved and praised
  • Staff and children are encouraged to develop and move on when ready
  • All are listened to
  • The Curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant and is in accordance with the National Curriculum requirements
  • Relationships between staff and parents is one of trust
  • The environment is safe for all
  • Children and staff share their troubles, worries, hopes and successes
  • There are opportunities for all our children to exercise responsibility within the school community
  • A range of sporting activities are offered to provide children with enjoyment and help them to develop their physical well-being

Vision for all


Kingsfold children will leave having built up resilience.  They need the opportunities to become resilient to be able to deal with different challenges across the curriculum and in the wider world. They will develop the ability to solve problems without giving up.  Developing the skills to work independently and become resourceful will be key to this.



Kingsfold children will leave being inquisitive.  They will question the way the world was in the past, is now and begin to think about how it will possibly look in the future.  The children will look beyond the local community and question both local and global issues.   They will be expressive and creative in their nature and recognise the need to be individual.  They will value diversity and celebrate British values.



 Kingsfold children will leave school having been challenged.  Children will be motivated by success from challenging themselves.  This attitude and success will be praised and encouraged.  They will set personal goals to aspire to.  Curriculum subjects will allow children the chance to aim high.  Kingsfold children will leave school accepting challenges and seeing these as a positive.  Their ambition will be boundless.


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