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Head Boy



Hi, I'm Greidi.

I wanted to be Head Boy since I found out what it was.  This is a massive opportunity to make the school a better place.  I am always dressed appropriately and always have my kit in school.  I like to look after my friends and I might be funny sometimes. 

I would do anything I could to help the school and the children in it.


Thank you, Greidi


Head Girl


Hello, my name is Kira.

Ever since year 5, I have wanted to be Head Girl. This is a massive opportunity for me. I am sensible, kind and funny (at times). I am always dressed appropriately and always have my P.E kit in school. I have been a young leader for 3 years and have enjoyed being on the school council. I have always got lots of creative ideas for the school. I know all about Kingsfold, so I will look forward to showing people around.

I am thankful for the people who voted for me.

Thank you, Kira


Deputy Head boy


 Hi, my name is Mackenzie.

This is why I wanted to be Deputy Head Boy.

Since I joined this school, I always wanted to have the opportunity to be Deputy or Head Boy.  I am kind, caring, funny and most of all I have excellent ideas.  I have been chosen to be on the School Council and on the football team.  I am always happy to represent the school in the best way I can. 

Thank you for reading my speech and thank you to those who voted for me.



Deputy Head Girl


 Hi, my name is Summer.

I have been voted to be Deputy Head Girl which I am very thankful for.  I am thankful to those who voted for me.

I have already had the opportunity to show someone around the school and I am hoping I will have this chance again.  I am also Head Young Leader for this year which I am proud of.

This year, I would like to raise money by creating a festival with music, singing and dancing.  The Head and Deputy Boys and Girls could organise this.  This would make the school awesome.  

Thank you, Summer.