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Head Boy



Hi, my name is Leon and I have the privilege of being Kingsfold's Head Boy this year!

Since I started at Kingsfold, it has been my ambition to be Head Boy!    I was so happy when I succeeded but I was a little nervous doing my speech.  I found that my years at Kingsfold had given me the tools and the confidence to accomplish my goal!

Part of my role as Head Boy is to be an excellent role model to the younger pupils and play a part in helping them make the most out of their opportunities and fulfill their ambitions.

I have some special talents including being able to sign!  I also have a great knowledge and understanding in all aspects of special needs so it makes me a very caring, understanding and empathetic Head Boy.

During the terms ahead I have some exciting fundraising ideas to try to raise funds for a school trampoline!  In the past, I've been successful with my fundraising ventures for Caudwell Children and Rainbow House!

Being part of Kingsfold is so important to me and I am proud to represent our school in this role!

Thank you, Leon 


Head Girl



Hi, my name is Emily and I have been voted to be this year's Head Girl!

In Year 5, my goal was to become Head Girl because I was always told I was a good role model.  When it came to do my speech, I was quite nervous but then when I was called up in the award assembly I was filled with joy.

My job is to be a good role model in school for the younger children and to help.

The school has had a lot of fund raising events, I have always helped and given my own money.

Being a part of Kingsfold is amazing and I would never regret coming here.  All of the teachers and students are very nice and caring.  I am proud to be this year's Head Girl.  It is extremely important to me!

Thank you, Emily


Deputy Head boy


Deputy Head Girl