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To be resilient

Children will learn to understand some of the ways in which we find out about the past and identify different ways in which it is represented.


To be inquisitive

Our curriculum will inspire curiosity and fascination to know more about the past. It will equip pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement.  It will help pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.


To be challenged

Children will be taught a range of skills to research and develop an awareness of the past, and extend their historical vocabulary using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. They will know where the people and events they study fit within a chronological framework and identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods. They will ask and answer questions, to show that they know and understand key features of events.



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