Pupil premium


We would like to make everyone aware of our Pupil Premium Programme and the opportunities this provides for pupils. You may be aware that as a school we receive additional funding for pupils who:

  • Have ever been entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) in the last six years
  • Are currently entitled to Free School Meals
  • Have parents who have historically served or are currently serving in HM Armed Forces
  • Have been adopted
  • Are in the care of the Local Authority

This funding is allocated to the school and we can decide how it should be best spent to benefit the students concerned and the wider school community. Our website details show how this funding was spent during the last academic year. Some of the exciting projects and opportunities we have been able to offer are:

  • Nurture provision with Ms Croskell – “ Happy to be Me” and  “Happy Together” programmes
  • Sports Inclusion events
  • English, Maths & Reading Intervention Programme
  • Regular reading opportunities with Mrs Sandham
  • Booster Classes for Year 6 pupils
  • 1:1 Maths Tuition for Year 6 pupils
  • Interventions Programmes to assist pupils with handwriting
  • Contributions to school trips / visits for eligible pupils
  • Assistance with the purchase of Compost Cottage to develop the children`s understanding of recycling
  • Spare PE kits for every class
  • Bilingual resources
  • Attendance initiatives which have helped drive our school attendance up to match national attendance of 96%
  • Free Walking Bus Service to school
  • New Library furniture
  • School Pets and our Chicken Hatch programme
  • Opportunity to join Blackburn Cathedral Singing Project and Celebration of Friendship at the Guild Hall, Preston
  • Heartbeat Workshops as part of our PSHE week
  • China Theatre & Activity Day
  • Participation in Lancashire Music Service
  • Visits by theatre companies (most recent visit on the theme of anti-bullying)
  • Life Education Bus to visit in the summer to develop the children`s personal, social and emotional skills.
  • Assistance with the purchase of essential school equipment for eligible pupils

We have been fortunate to be able to offer this support as a result of our current funding, but we are keen to do more. We know that there are many other areas we could develop and we are keen to enhance our pupil support and intervention provision for all pupils.

If you feel your son/daughter may be eligible for Free School Meals we would encourage you to apply. Even if your son/daughter does not subsequently take up the meals in school, we would receive valuable additional funding to develop our pupil support provision. If your son/daughter may meet one of the other criteria for Pupil Premium please contact me in school for a discreet discussion.

Please be assured that other pupils would not be made aware of your son/daughter’s eligibility and this information is shared confidentially within school.

If you have any further questions about Pupil Premium please do not hesitate to contact me at school. If you believe your son/daughter may be eligible please contact the school office to find out more.

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Pupil Premium Action Plan

Required improvement

Ensure that all children eligible for Pupil Premium funding have outcomes that are in line with all children nationally including attainment & progress with a significant group making good progress.

Information for parents on PP expenditure

Overall key success criteria

  • Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium within school are clearly identified.
  • Pupils eligible for PP have a high profile amongst all staff & the importance of improving outcomes for them.
  • Needs of children eligible for PP are clearly identified through the use of data analysis.
  • PP teachers are able to demonstrate the improvements in outcomes for children eligible for PP using the school tracking system.
  • SMT can demonstrate accountability to the PP Governor regarding improved outcomes for those eligible children.
  • PP children attend school every day to achieve expected outcomes
  • PP children`s social & emotional needs are met through Nurture provision to ensure they are capable of accessing teaching and learning.
  • A clear audit trail demonstrates that funding has been spent appropriately to improve the outcomes for eligible children.

A robust & focused monitoring & evaluation schedule highlights the strengths of how the PP funding has been spent & identifies any areas for development ready for the next round of funding.